WATSONVILLE CA -- Rhythm, Island Stone’s new collection of dimensional stone tiles has leveraged modern manufacturing techniques with precision machinery to offer a new take on the company’s popular wedge design relief. Rhythm’s prominent design attribute lies in the smooth transition between the highest point, or apex, and lowest point of each slender tile strip. The elimination of rugged, angular joints at the apex of the original wedge design creates a softening effect for a soothing, more rhythmic overall appearance in the new design, while highlighting the natural appearance of stone.

“The unique manufacturing techniques used to produce the Rhythm collection allows us to create this relatively complicated design without damaging the integrity of the stone in the process,” says Island Stone CEO, Nigel Eaton. “The end result is a design that carefully balances a dimensional appearance without overwhelming the space.”

The Rhythm collection comes in a honed finish and is offered in four colors, each with its own distinct personality: Crystal White, Sandstone Grey, Sandstone Mint and Sutra Black. The tiles are suitable for indoor and outdoor spaces, including interior and exterior walls, kitchen backsplashes, fireplace walls and pool/spa water features. They measure 3-1/8 inch wide by 15-3/8 inch long and come in mesh-mounted sheets of 0.34 square feet.