VERONA, ITALY -- On Friday, September 30, 2022, the Plus Theatre hosted the prize-giving ceremony for the New Best Communicator Award, conceived by Veronafiere to stimulate the exhibit spaces of companies on show at Marmomac. Now in its 14th edition, the award has been transformed to include two new categories targeting all the event's product sectors -- design and concept – for both Italian and international exhibitors.

The jury included Aurelio Chinellato, architect and lecturer in the communication department at IUSVE; Marcello Cutino, designer and president of the ADI Veneto and Trentino Alto Adige delegation; Loredana Mascheroni, head of the editorial staff at Domus, Jennifer Richinelli, Stone World editorial director; and Camilla Bellini, designer and blogger.  

In the Design Italy category, the winner was Palissandro Marmi “for coherence in the design of spaces to enhance the product by elevating it to a work of art. In addition, intelligent use of digital technologies ensures that visitors can interact and enjoy a full-immersion experience in harmony with the philosophy underlying the set-up." The International Design award was presented to Stone Group International from Greece. “The extremely open space encourages visitors to come inside by highlighting a very inclusive style of hospitality. Contact with the product is enhanced through technologies that showcase the nature, features and use of materials in an immediate and in-depth way, even down to the smallest detail." 

Moving on to the Concept category, the Italy award went to Dellas “for having created an exciting and engaging itinerary by emphasizing corporate vision and going beyond a mere display of the product. An effective approach to communicating intangible values through visual codes that recall the natural elements associated with the brand." Spanish company Fiorantina Stone took the International Concept award "for its original, recognizable, technologically advanced and functional solution achieving a vibrant connection with the surrounding environment by enhancing the nature of marble and its characteristic interplay of transparency and color."

There were also two Special Mentions. The first was awarded to Italian company Tenax for "enhancing the product through concepts of dynamism and speed, perfectly interpreted thanks to an effective staging architecture with strong visual impact." The second went to Pettrus Mineração from Brazil “for the intelligent exploitation of space on the stand, turning it into an opportunity to convey a message of impressive sensitivity and respect towards visitors and the show organizers alike following the unexpected impossibility of attending the event."

The award was originally conceived to identify -- and reward -- companies capable of standing out through the aesthetic design of their stands at Marmomac. It has expanded over time specifically into all trade sectors. The New Best Communicator Award now has two categories that nevertheless embrace all areas highlighted by the show. Design -- aesthetically innovative exhibits focused on design aspects, formal coherence and strong visual impact -- and Concept -- original and unusual presentation of products, an exhibition concept that achieves a new interpretation of the items on display. The second category rewards “the architecture of exhibiting” - i.e. all the set-up features that together convey a clear storytelling message about the company. In both cases, the assessment did not focus on the product as such but on how companies conceive and set up their spaces as a tool for communication targeting visitors attending the event.


Photo credit: ©Ennevifoto-Veronafiere