Infinity Drain established itself as a manufacturer of design-centric decorative shower drains with outstanding quality. From hand polishing ornamental grates to custom fabrication – all at the exacting specifications of customers -- Infinity Drain offers a vast selection of decorative choices and installation options.

“We source all our materials domestically,” said John Flaa, commercial sales director of Infinity Drain. “As a group, we took the issue of drainage and made it architectural. Our president saw the design for linear drains in Europe and wanted it here. He wanted to make drains that were not only functional, but that also looked good.”

Moreover, one of the key features besides the aesthetic of the drains is their waterproofing, according to Flaa. “Whether they are inside drains or outside trench drains, we always focus on waterproofing first,” he said. “We work with top companies like Schluter and create products that meet their specifications so you can use them together.”

During the COVID-19 pandemic, outdoor drains rose in popularity. According to Flaa, homeowners were seeking a transitional design were the inside flowed all the way to the outside. As a result, it was important for Infinity Drain to design collections that work both inside and out. 

Infinity Drain also considers the needs of installers and contractors to make their lives easier as well. “We have a QR code on our products that can be scanned to show installation videos for that specific product,” said Flaa. “We wanted all the information for our drains to be right there for our installers and for it to be as easy as possible to get.”

When it comes to future designs, the company listens to its customers while also surveying the tile landscape to see the new products coming out, as well as the new standards in place. “You have these new large-format tiles that come out and also ANSI standards that are constantly being updated that you must pay attention to,” said Flaa. “Our dealers will tell us what kind of products they may be looking for, as well as designers and architects. We also do surveys and voice of the customer type questionnaires. We are getting contractor feedback all the time. On top of all of that, we are keeping up on the newest standards for tile to make sure our product is the best one out there for installers to select.”