CASTELLO DI GODEGO (TV), ITALY – Italian machinery manufacturer Breton has announced its recent partnership with Ion Machines, an established Turkish company in the construction of resin plants for natural stone materials.

The two companies have joined forces over “a deep knowledge of natural stone and the needs for the professionals who work with it.” They decided to combine their respective technical expertise in resin lines and reinforcement systems for marble and granite slabs and tiles, establishing an ambitious partnership. As a result, IonBreton is born.

Breton entered into a partnership with the Turkish company Ion Machines and started the production of resin systems for marble and granite slabs and tiles in Turkey. The company's operational headquarters is in Denizli (TR), in a well-equipped and already operating industrial plant of 4,000 square meters, 2,500 of which are covered.

The primary goal of IonBreton is to manufacture technologically advanced plants that guarantee the best return on investment at customer-friendly prices. The decision to manufacture in Turkey, which was made possible first of all by the collaboration with Eng. Kilinc, the CEO of Ion Machines, was determined by the favorable cost conditions, the professionalism of the staff with an established culture in stone processing and the strategic geographic location to serve various European and Asian markets.

With this action, Breton intends to consolidate its international leadership in marble and granite processing equipment. The synergy between the technological and construction know-how of Breton and that of Ion Machines ensures a state-of-the-art product, both for "entry-level" solutions and for highly automated high-productivity plants.