BROOKLYN, NY-- March 25, 2022 marks the beginning of a new era in the stone industry - a fresh perspective meeting at the crossroads of the timeless elegance, luxury and aesthetic value of stone; paired with a well-needed commitment to customer service. This door to a brand-new way of experiencing natural and man-made stones opens with the unveiling of the Geraci Stone Gallery. 

The Geraci Team warmly welcomes visitors to experience their collection of hand-picked, curated materials chosen to provide those who enter the gallery with an experience to remember. Upon entrance, it is clear to see that this showroom is more than a selection of materials, but rather - a journey into Geraci’s promise as “Nature Curators” - the result of their travels to bring Mother Nature’s finest art to the public. 

The gallery is fashioned with guides dedicated to elevating the stone market and interior designs with exquisite style, quality and good old-fashioned customer care. The Geraci Stone Gallery is built on 30 years of history, experience and valuable relationships in the stone industry, providing visitors with the service they deserve: honest, transparent and genuine.

“I have been fortunate enough to experience natural stone in a way that many do not. In my travels around the world, I was able to experience natural stone the way it is meant to - hearing the story behind the stone with an authentic joy. This desire for people to experience natural stone the way that I have is what has instilled the value of customer service into the bloodline of Geraci” - Anthony Geraci. 

It is the wish of the Geraci Team to inspire, to conjure boundless ideas of design and to give birth to open communication with the creations of Mother Nature. And, for those less in tune with the world of stone, the guides of the Geraci Stone Gallery are there to usher attendees into this fabulous world of wonder.

The Geraci Stone Gallery is a living, breathing organism with a heart that beats to the tune of Mother Nature’s creative forces. Thus, the gallery evolves, with new materials of the highest quality, style and standard enter in and out of the gallery - as if each trip to the Geraci Stone Gallery is the visitor’s first time, all over again.

Now, here we are, on the dawn of a new era as Geraci opens the doors to architects, designers and lovers of stone to the Geraci Stone Gallery - as the Geraci Team introduces visitors to the world of luxurious collections and cultivates the visions of visitors.