BETHANY, CT -- Laticrete, a leading manufacturer of globally proven construction solutions for the building industry, has unveiled the industry’s first-ever eco-friendly alternative to the plastic grout channels currently utilized in the market for color sampling. This innovation will help prevent millions of plastic channel pieces from being discarded into landfills per year. The Laticrete Eco Grout Color Selector offers a color-matched deposit of paint and a textured profile providing an exceptionally accurate and closer representation of physical grout than plastics.


“Social responsibility and sustainability are required from building materials manufacturers now more than ever. By launching the Eco Grout Color Selector, Laticrete is focusing on tackling a broader problem for not only our valued customers and distributor partners, but also for the environment,” said Maria F. Oliveira, senior manager, marketing communications. “This paper alternative is just one step toward our goal of creating a movement in the industry where being environmentally friendly isn’t just a positioning statement, but an expectation. By introducing this product into the marketplace, we are not only preventing millions of plastic channel pieces from being discarded into landfills each year, but are also leading the charge in eliminating the use of plastic color selection tools across the industry.” 


Plastic is known to take an extremely long time to decompose, will often seep harmful chemicals into groundwater and can injure or poison wildlife. The paper alternative is engineered to conserve energy consumption and prevents pollution by lessening the amount of raw materials needed in its manufacturing. The new channels and displays are made with 100% recyclable materials and eliminate any need for plastic.


The eco color channels are easy to use and convenient, offering multi-use benefits with a flat, bendable design that replicates a grout joint. Able to be trimmed to size, each eco color channel allows the end-user to visualize what the grout will look like with the selected tile. The eco color channel is also larger at 8 inches, versus the 3-inch plastic channel and provides detailed information on the backside that includes all Laticrete® grout products available per color. The Eco Grout Color Selector comes conveniently packed with a pre-assembled recyclable countertop display and multiple packs of each of the 40 colors offered, providing a simple setup for customers.