In an age where people spend quality time in their indoor and outdoor living spaces more than ever, designers must look to diversify home life, which begs the question: How do we create homes that accommodate this lifestyle? Chad Oppenheim, founder and principal of Oppenheim Architecture, based in Miami, FL, can effortlessly speak to this concept, as the aptly named “House in a Jungle” proves that with a respect for nature, this is possible.

Finding inspiration in the natural world, Oppenheim and his design team created a residence in Caracas, Venezuela, integrating wildlife into the home environment. Oppenheim Architecture worked in collaboration with local firm Roig Arquitectos. Comforting and serene, as it blends neutral colors with the facets of land, House in a Jungle introduces an organic interaction between nature and the design elements. 


Oppenheim Architecture
The design team from Oppenheim Architecture, along with local firm Roig Arquitectos, studied historical ruins in the area to select building material that was similar and reflective of the home’s natural environment.


In harmony with its surroundings, the home rests in the environment from which it draws. Mirroring the jungle ruins of Venezuela in its textured stone and concrete composition, the luxury sits among lush gardens and a scintillating swimming pool. The interior juxtaposes with its outermost layers, as edgy meets elegant. 

“We were inspired by the jungle nature of Caracas and wanted to do a home that would become part of the jungle,” explained Oppenheim, adding that natural stone was always considered as a design component. “We looked at historical ruins in the area and wanted to work with the materials and techniques of the indigenous ancients. The clients were very excited to work with a material palette that was of the place where they would be building their family home.”


stone transitions indoors
The use of stone transitions indoors where it creates an elegant look.


The locally quarried stone was primarily applied for the residence’s floors and walls. Oppenheim expressed appreciation for how the natural stone tiles to the spirit of the home and its surroundings. “They family is super happy in their new home and that is the best reward of our job,” he said.