Levantina, a global leader in extracting, producing and marketingnatural stone, is a multi-national company with Spanish origins and a worldwide leader in the natural stone industry. Since it originated in 1959, the company has grown continuously and undergone significant international expansion, becoming a clear reference in the natural stone market also contributing to innovation and technology within the sector. Levantina has an extensive global presence with its own quarries, factories, distribution centers and over 1,600 employees worldwide. The company has nine modern factories strategically located and using the most advanced technology. Levantina’s products are present through some of the most leading stone distributors in the world, as well as through over 28 company-owned distribution centers. Levantina is able to offer an extensive range of products, including marble, granite, limestone, onyx, travertine and slate, and guarantees the supply of materials for large projects. Levantina USA has showrooms located in Atlanta, Dallas and Chicago.

In total, the company owns 40 quarries in Spain, Portugal and Brazil that produce marble, granite and other types of stone. From these quarries, Levantina annually extracts more than 2.2 million tons of raw materials, thereby being the company with the greatest number of its own marble quarries throughout the world. Among them is the largest Crema Marfil quarry, which yields approximately 1.4 million tons of this variety of marble annually. When selling 2 cm slabs, 82% of them go to the U.S. from Levantina’s Spain and Brazil factories. After that Spain and Portugal receive 8%, while Latin America gets 7%. Finally Europe receives 3% and other countries receive 1%. Slabs make up 98.5% of Levantina’s sales, with blocks at 1.2% and tile at 0.3%.

One of Levantina’s primary granite quarries is in Brazil. The granite produced from the quarry is called Lennon, and it is in high demand all around the world. The quarry sits in the state of Goias in Brazil, and has years of production behind it. Because of the years of experience with the quarry, featuring an exploration area of 178.945 meters squared, it allows Levantina to offer its customers hundreds of cubic meters of material. The site produces around 4,000 meters cubed per year.

According to Levantina, the material extracted from the quarry site is high quality, and the company’s customers expect and demand high-quality standards. The granite itself is white and gray with characteristic bluish quartzes. Levantina explains that while the material works in any room of the house, it is especially successful among customers doing kitchen designs.

The product is mainly in demand in the U.S. and Latin American markets, and the sales of the material have grown in recent years.

To process Lennon as well as its other Brazilian granites, Levantina has a plant in Vitoria, Espirito Santo, Brazil. According to the company, with the Lennon quarry it is strengthening its position as a leading global player in the natural stone industry and granite from Brazil.