Granisa has been supplying granite slabs to national and regional distributors in North America for the past two decades. The Spanish stone producer, based in Porriño – Pontevedra, Spain, offers a builder line of competitive, consistent and reliable granites, paired with quality control and superior customer service. Granisa’s complete cut-to-size shop allows it to supply finished products to any type of job -- from countertops to cubic stone, curbs and pavers with expert craftsmanship and competitive prices. Stone World had the opportunity to talk with Granisa about its North American market. 

SW: What markets in North America are your largest?

Granisa: In our 20 years presence in North America, our sales reached all regions of the market. In the past 10 years, the Eastern states, Texas and the Midwest have become most prominent. Sales in the Southwest have also been important in the last couple of years.

SW: What granites in particular are you finding to be most popular in North America? 

Granisa: Our builder line of white and gray competitively priced materials, such as Azul Platino and White Shore, have been our best sellers. A combination of uniform and consistent colors, sound materials and reliable high-volume quarries makes our builder line a perfect combination for purchasing programs. That combination has been working well for both our large national/regional distributors and our single local slab yard customers.

SW: Who are your primary customers in North America (fabricators, distributors, builders, etc.)?

Granisa: Distributors

SW: What plans for expansion does Granisa have in the near future?

Granisa: Granisa is currently undergoing an upgrade of our facilities and production equipment. This modernization will increase the value of our products by adding to our fabrication capabilities, and it will also improve the quality of the products and services we provide to our customers.

We are investing in R&D to differentiate our natural stone products in the future. Granisa is also addressing our corporate social responsibilities by targeting the reduction of CO2 emissions, using renewable energy and maximizing our recycling capabilities.

Public Riverside Park in Dublin, OH, is a recent project completed by Granisa. The company fabricated five curved cubic stone benches (750 linear feet), 2-inch veneer and 4-inch caps (2,500 square feet), curbs (156 linear feet) and steps (1,130 linear feet).