AMITYVILLE, NY -- Infinity Drain, the manufacturer at the forefront of architectural and decorative drains, recently introduced a standard 30- x 60-inch Stainless Steel Shower Base for residential and commercial bathrooms. With over 42 SKUs for center or linear drains in a variety of drain placements, five finishes and seven styles, the Infinity Drain Stainless Steel Shower Bases can integrate for either curb or curbless showers. Engineered to shave precious hours off projects for both installer and consumers, these proprietary Stainless Steel Shower Bases are made from high quality 304L 16-gauge stainless, arrive factory flood-tested and ready for installation with an integral drain, pre-sloped floor and primed for tile installation.

“With our standard sized Stainless Steel Shower Base, residential homeowners can now enjoy the same innovation and waterproof guarantee that large scale commercial projects have already experienced,” said Jonathan Brill, president of Infinity Drain. “This innovative product offers substantial time savings and peace of mind for specifiers and homeowners alike.”

Importantly, the Infinity Drain Stainless Steel Shower Base is guaranteed for life against waterproofing failure. If the product should develop a leak, Infinity Drain will bear the cost of labor, removal, replacement, and will restore the installation with the same “like and kind” materials originally used.

The new shower base also dramatically reduces the amount of time required to install a new bathroom shower and decreases the need for trade coordination. Because it is ready to tile, pre-sloped and does not require additional waterproofing on the walls, it eliminates many time consuming steps that traditional methods require.

Custom sizing for quantities of 10 or more are available for commercial projects. Additional features of the shower base include a curb or curbless option and the ability to use any grate style or tile insert.

Infinity Drain Stainless Steel Shower Base Features

Center Drains

  • Curbed and barrier-free
  • 5- x 5-inch square with center, left and right locations
  • Five finishes: Satin Stainless, Polished Stainless, Oil Rubbed Bronze, Satin Bronze or Matte Black
    • Styles:
      • BC-WS - Wedge Wire 
      • BC-TI - Tile Insert
      • BC-QS - Square Pattern Center Drain
      • BC-NS - Lines Pattern Center Drain


Linear Drains

  • Curbed and barrier-free
  • Back wall location, left wall location and right wall location
  • Five finishes: Satin Stainless, Polished Stainless, Oil Rubbed Bronze, Satin Bronze or Matte Black 
    • Styles:
      • BL-AS - Wedge Wire
      • BL-TI - Tile Insert
      • BL-IG - Slotted Pattern Linear Drain