DEERFIELD BEACH, FL -- MAPEI recently introduced MAPEI Flexcolor Design, a revolutionary new way to color-match grout that allows users to design a color -- any color.

“Or clients can provide their MAPEI representative with an opaque color sample,” said David Mowery, MAPEI’s business manager for color products and UltraCare™. “Our ColorMap system will then create an exact color match in our MAPEI Flexcolor Design grout base.

“MAPEI Flexcolor Design allows designers and specifiers to translate their vision into reality,” he went on to say. “And it has the outstanding features of MAPEI Flexcolor grout, which they have come to trust.”

Those features include outstanding stain and chemical resistance so that no sealing is required, as well as crack, mold and shrinkage resistance with no efflorescence. The ready-to-use, non-sag formulation means that MAPEI Flexcolor Design can be applied straight from the pail with no water required. In addition, the smooth, non-sag consistency makes MAPEI Flexcolor Design easy to apply, reducing installer fatigue and making it perfect for vertical applications, such as backsplashes and walls.

MAPEI Flexcolor Design dries within 24 hours to a hard, uniform color and will not stain surfaces; it also features 65% or greater recycled content. MAPEI Flexcolor Design is formulated for interior commercial and residential porcelain, ceramic, glass and natural-stone tiles.

Mike Granatowski, director for architectural and commercial projects, stated, “MAPEI Flexcolor Design affords designers a new measure of control. Now the grout can disappear or become an essential design element. MAPEI’s ColorMap system allows us to match any color. Now you can create your own grout colors -- just like creating your own colors of paint. You are only limited by your own creativity.”

This product is exclusively for national brand accounts and commercial projects. For complete information on samples and ordering, contact your local MAPEI architectural representative.

For more information on MAPEI Flexcolor Design, visit or call MAPEI’s technical services department at 1 (800) 992-6273.