MARSHALLTOWN, IA -- Marshalltown, an industry leader in flooring and tiling tools, recently announced the release of the FASTcap™ Tile Leveling System, an innovative leveling system for floor and wall tile. The FASTcap™ System features three Spacer Base varieties and Ratchet Caps designed for reuse for future jobs.

The FASTcap™ System requires no additional tools to install. In a quick and easy process, the Rachet Caps are pressed over the Spacer Bases until they meet tile. This eliminates the fatiguing process of spinning caps on and off bases. Additionally, the three Spacer Base designs cut down on the number of bases needed for tile intersections, saving the user time and money.

“We saw a need in the market for a simpler tile leveling system,” said Jim Bowie, senior product manager on the FASTcap™ project. “Other systems require extra tools, spinning or an unnecessary number of bases to achieve level floors. We removed those factors, which helps save contractors valuable time and money.”

The FASTcap™ Tile Leveling System offers the fastest and easiest way to achieve level floors. You can learn more about the FASTcap™ System at The Rachet Caps and Spacer Bases are available on the website and in select retailers across the country.