OAKLAND, NJ -- Alpha Professional Tools® is excited to introduce two new tile leveling systems which not only minimize lippage, but speed up the installation process saving time and expensive labor costs. The EZ Wedge and EZ Click are next-generation tile leveling, which maximize performance and can be installed in tile corners, thus requiring very few pieces to obtain a perfect, lippage-free and professional result.

The patented EZ Wedge is designed to be inserted into a clip (or clip and tab on corners) and tightened by hand as no pliers are needed. The wedge can then be easily removed and re-used numerous times.

The EZ Click uses base screws with a unique cap, which locks into place, to spin on and off the threads to level the tiles. The patent-pending cap also comes with a proprietary scratch-prevention edge design, that will kick out sand or debris while tightening the cap.

Both systems come with a wide selection of sizes, to accommodate a variety of installations, as well as giving the installer a choice of their preferred method.

Detailed specifications and more information on these systems can be found at https://www.alpha-tools.com/Pages/ProductPages.aspx?GroupId=560