Since ancient times, natural slate has been used as a durable, long-lasting roofing material. In the last two decades, specification of natural slate cladding for building facades has been widely accepted throughout Europe. And now, this unique concept is gaining well-deserved popularity within the United States.

Introduced just a few years ago to America, CUPACLAD® is an innovative rainscreen system offering the beauty and durability of natural slate to provide a wide range of contemporary cladding solutions. Modern, sustainable and efficient, CUPACLAD® slate is a 100% natural product, painstaking chosen for its durability and characteristics from 16 different world-class quarries.


CUPACLAD® systems combine the efficiency of ventilated cladding with the properties of natural slate, offering a competitively priced and sustainable alternative for all cladding requirements. Most noteworthy, the natural slate material offered by CUPACLAD® needs virtually real maintenance… ever! The system offers a unique, easy-to-use modern installation procedure, for which CUPACLAD® USA instructors are ready and able to teach new customers. Beneficial CEU course programs are offered to qualified architect, as well.