MORENO VALLEY, CA -- iQ Power Tools, manufacturer of premium power tools with integrated dust collection systems, has answered a need, bringing to market a new 16.5-inch blade for its iQMS362 saw, which is specifically engineered to cut thick, larger-format tiles and slabs. The Q-Drive blade incorporates the latest in diamond technology and is designed specifically for thicker porcelain tile and similar materials. The blade’s diamond pattern, combined with an added flange, allows for 20% thinner cuts than standard blades. The flange reinforces the blade’s tension with increased stability while maintaining a thin, precise cut -- up to a 2 3/8-inch in depth.

Made possible by innovation, jobsite experience and testing, iQ’s “Cool Cut Technology” is a proprietary composition of diamond concentration, metal type and flange thickness that cuts cool while reducing vibration and movement. This technology, combined with the built-in vacuum (found on all iQ saws), keeps the blade cool during cutting, reducing warping and wandering. Most noticeably, the blade actually stays cool to the touch.

Because the saw’s vacuum system removes any cutting debris, the blade is not regrinding the same material, thus reducing friction and heat.

“iQ Power Tools listens to its customers and strives to provide problem-solving tools,” said Sarah Hurtado, iQ’s marketing manager. “More and more of our customers are working with 20-mm porcelain tiles and pavers, using high-performance blades. Now, with the iQMS362 Saw and its new 16.5-inch blade, they can easily dry-cut materials, indoors or out, saving time and money.”