Robots have been able to re-create virtually anything humans can design or make, only faster, more precisely, and less expensively.


Roboticom takes pride in being among the first companies to develop a complete robotic carving system for use in sculpting & artistic work, engineering design & prototyping, architecture, interior & exterior design, and more.


Join the Roboticom team on July 30th to explore the applications of ScultoRob (the most advanced 7-Axis robotic milling system) and how this system is used for processing of large and complex shapes from various materials including marble, stone, foam and wood.

Topic: ScultoRob: The Robot That Shapes Your Ideas

Time: 07/30/2020 at 10:00 A.M. Pacific Time (12 P.M. CST)

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Over 200+ companies globally use Roboticom's innovative robotic platforms to automate the most delicate production processes. Join this live event to listen to customer testimonials and get your questions answered by the actual users of the robots!

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