Central to the partnership will be the launch of a new range of finishes available for counter tops and kitchen doors.

This collaboration will showcase the brands’ mutual passion for expert craftsmanship, material excellence and sustainable design.

A Mutual Approach

Stosa Cucine is a byword for excellence in kitchen design. Founded in 1964, it has established a global reputation for its unique understanding of the ever-evolving aesthetics in the culinary space.

This is further complemented by its commitment to ongoing research and development, always innovating to offer clients the very best service, yet always aware of its heritage.

Refining its values over half a century, Stosa Cucine’s approach delivers the perfect combination of form and substance. These qualities, and more, dovetailed seamlessly with those of Neolith, forming the essential foundations for a strong, like-minded partnership.

Of one mind

Neolith’s position as a market-leading, carbon neutral surface has been built over a decade of commercial and consumer specification, particularly in professional and residential kitchens. It has become known as one of the safest and most hygienic materials available to specifiers, without compromising on performance and visual appeal.

Although younger than Stosa Cucine, it similarly remains a family-run business, placing great value on accrued experience which yields unrivalled expertise and exquisitely finessed products.

Beauty, sustainability, longevity and safety underpin Neolith’s ethos. Since its foundation, it has looked to partner with like-minded architects, design houses and furniture makers to promote a better understanding of Sintered Stone and its potential. The alignment of Stosa Cucine with these deep-held values represented a natural fit, opening the door to collaborate.

Double act

Commenting on the partnership, Neolith CMO Mar Esteve Cortes says: “Stosa Cucine is a household name worldwide, synonymous with excellence. When the opportunity to work with them arose, it was a no brainer as our values align so perfectly.”

She continues, “We are both passionate about amazing design and equally uncompromising in our devotion to high quality in everything. I know everyone on the Neolith team is excited to see how Stosa Cucine will use our materials, starting with the Aliant collection. Seeing a slab of the material is one thing, but to experience it in application is another. It gives essential context so potential customers can truly envisage how it might look in their own space.”

Claudio Renai, Stosa Cucine’s Purchasing Manager, discusses how the partnership came about, “In my role I’m always on the lookout for new, innovative and sustainable materials to specify in conjunction with our sophisticated designs. Fundamentally what we choose has to reflect our core values. I recently came across Neolith at a trade event and was immediately drawn to their range of surfaces. Following discussions with their team and a visit to the factory to see how it’s produced, I felt confident in recommending it to the Stosa team as THE partner of choice. Having seen what we’ve produced together, I’m blown away!”

David Sani, Sales Director for Italy, at Stosa Cucine adds, “Innovation, quality and attention to detail drive our material choices. We are always on the lookout for those rare surfaces which strike that fine balance between form and function. Being flexible to client requirements is also crucial which is why we need to work with brands which can offer a wide range of colors, finishes and formats without compromising on quality. We have found all this and more in Neolith.”

He continues, “Much like their slabs, Neolith’s attitude and values fit seamlessly together with ours, making it the material of choice for our new version of Aliant, combining contemporary cool with timeless elegance. Furthermore it is one of the most hygienic surfacing materials on the market, and essential requirement in the current climate.

“With green design also a growing preference, that the material is eco-friendly and sustainably produced adds considerable value to both specifier and homeowner. We look forward to a prosperous partnership.”

The partnership with Stosa Cucine will further cement and build on Neolith’s position within Italy, following the foundation of Neolith Italy in spring 2020.

It plays an integral part of a wider strategy to bring the brand closer to the end customer and increase point-of-sale presence in this territory and beyond.

Currently operational, Neolith Italy, alongside the Stosa Cucine partnership and the Neolith Urban Boutique Milan, will strengthen the brand’s supply chain within Italy, ensuring a strong pipeline of material which can be ordered and delivered to site rapidly, whatever the size.