Blick Industries has announced that 2020 will mark its 25th year anniversary. The stone industry has evolved over the past 25 years and Blick has had the privilege of being a continuing part of that evolution, including various technical advances. Currently, the focus is on high-speed tooling and increased fabrication rates. Not only is holding power important, but accuracy is a pivotal deciding factor when choosing workholding devices.

To support this next generation of high-speed tooling, Blick has developed a new pad design that enhances holding power while maintaining accuracy in suction cup height crucial to the use of high-speed tooling. The suction cup height tolerance of +0.05/-0.00 mm for which Blick Industries is well known is unmatched in the industry. This height accuracy, coupled with the greater holding power, will provide the fabricator with all the necessary instruments needed to take full advantage of this innovative technology.