Begin your voyage into digital fabrication with the Voyager™ XP CNC saw from Park Industries. Increase your production, material yield and meet the market demands of the new popular materials on the market with this highly productive machine.

Powered up with XP, the spindle motor on the Voyager XP provides 27 hp to cut even the hardest of materials like quartzite at faster speeds. Built to run at a higher amperage for longer periods of time, the Voyager XP can push tools harder and increase the throughput of the saw.

The Voyager XP is a true 5-axis CNC saw. This design also allows for: continuous arc blade cutting, incremental routing, straight line profiling, faucet coring, 0 to 90° mitering and more, making it an extremely versatile machine. The revolutionary TightCut™ blade plunging feature allows fabricators to nest parts closer together, increasing material yield by nearly 10%. This feature also reduces the time spent incremental routing resulting in increased productivity.

A compact machine with a small footprint and single-pick, monoblock design of the Voyager XP is ideal. It’s true unitized design with no bolt-on extensions results in extreme rigidity, accuracy and durability.