This year at The International Surface Event in Las Vegas, NV, an award was presented to GranQuartz from Zoller to celebrate the fact that in the past two years, GranQuartz has brought more than 100 of the Zoller machines into the market.

"The machine itself was designed to lower people's production costs," said Mike Downey head of CNC sales for GranQuartz. "By standardizing the way they are bale to measure the tool and then send that information out to the CNC machine, they are are able to eat less, the tooling lasts longer. Then at that point they have a repeatable system to know they are able to get better footage out of the tooling we are selling. It's a complete package with our tooling system, being able to measure it as well as the techs being able to set it up. So it has been a fantastic machine for us the last couple of years."