Epiroc has launched the tough and highly regarded PowerROC D60, equipped with a Tier 4 engine, onto the global market. “With this launch, our customers have the opportunity to select a straightforward and robust down-the-hole (DTH) rig for drilling large holes,” said Wei Wen Xu, senior product manager at Epiroc.

The PowerROC D60 hydraulic DTH-rig drills the largest holes in the PowerROC family.

This machine meets the higher emission standards required to operate in countries with the highest emission standards.

“This is the first PowerROC DTH-rig which complies with the higher emission regulation,” said Xu. “It is an important step to keep on reducing the environmental footprint.”

The first unit was delivered to the U.S. earlier this year. After receiving a lot of positive feedback, the PowerROC D60 is now ready to start delivering a high level of productivity. It can drill large holes ranging from 110 to 178 mm. In addition, the 5+1 Rod Handling System makes it possible to drill holes down to a depth of 30 m. Well-proven Epiroc technology also helps to ensure that holes are straight and of a good quality.

The rig features a pilot hydraulic system and straightforward electronics which make the PowerROC D60 both easy to operate and simple to service. The powerful rotation unit ensures that the PowerROC D60 can operate reliably in all types of rock conditions. In addition, a highly effective dust collection system ensures that the work environment is kept clean and safe, which protects both machine and personnel.  

“The PowerROC D60 is safe and powerful,” said Xu. Match that with the facts that it’s easy to use and repair, and you get a great recipe for increased production and high availability. The Tier 4 Final of PowerROC D60 will be available in North America, Japan and Korea immediately.