CROSSVILLE, TN -- Noah Chitty, director of technical services for Crossville, Inc., was recently appointed to serve as the chairman of the ISO/TC 189 committee. His term runs from 2019 through 2024.

The ISO/TC 189 Committee is the global entity that oversees and sets the standards for the tile industry. As chairman, Chitty is responsible for the overall management of the committee, including sub-committees and 11 workgroups that are comprised of 32 participating countries and 27 observing countries. His direct role includes the committee’s day-to-day work, helping to manage projects effectively, and leading the committee in reaching consensus.

“This position represents one of the highest levels of responsibility in the global standards world,” said Greg Mather, president of Crossville, Inc. “Only someone with a proven track record of leading broad-based standards workgroups and a long-standing commitment to change and process development is suited for this role. Noah is clearly the right choice.”