Once again, Marmomac is approaching, an important date for the stone industry in Italy and abroad. franchiumbertomarmi is now preparing for the event following a series of very important dates and events on its agenda since the beginning of 2019. In particular, the launch of the HOMEDESIGN collection at the Milanese Salone del Mobile marked a fundamental step in its new direction and development. The objectives of growth and success in a global and luxury oriented market have stimulated the company to have a change of “skin” that will be tangible and apparent at the 2019 Marmomac. What visitors will see at the fair is a fusion of technologies, raw materials and finished products that are absolutely environmentally sustainable. Such are the reference points of the company's new direction. The choice stems from the conviction that today’s companies must invest all they can in experimenting with the use of different materials in all possible combinations with the help of technology, but always respecting the environment.

From these objectives of sustainability and experimentation came franchiumbertomarmi’s decision to enhance the marbles and certain products belonging to the HOME DESIGN line with Swarovski crystals in the exclusive "Advanced Crystal" design, conforming to the most rigorous eco-sustainability requirements. Swarovski crystals, the finest, precision cut crystal elements will give light, glamour and further elegance to the creations. Stepping onto the franchiumbertomarmi stand, visitors can admire and compare the variety of marbles that set the Franchiumbertomarmi quarries apart all over the world.....together with the new finished products that are part of the franchiumbertomarmi HOMEDESIGN line and stem from the creative collaboration with Eugenio Biselli of Interninow. The experience will be immersive: entering the stand, visitors will find themselves immersed in a new captivating dimension. All the creations will be set in an environment dominated by technology thanks to the large interactive video walls that will project the visitor into suggestive, high impact scenarios. A carpet of luminescent marble sand will add to the almost magical effect of the stand. Sand that has the ability to incorporate light and release it slowly during the night and that is obtained from recycled materials. A model of environmental sustainability that franchiumbertomarmi strongly supports and follows with a view to reducing material waste, without taking anything away from the aura and beauty of the use of marble.