Anver Corp. announces the release of its updated Vacuum Leakage Sensor, now with an onboard rechargeable battery. ANVER’s VLS‑09 ensures that safe vacuum levels are present for ANVER’s lifters, or any vacuum system where it is necessary to maintain a consistent vacuum level. The solid-state controlled ANVER VLS‑09 Vacuum Leakage Sensor sets itself to a system’s peak vacuum level, compensated for altitude and atmospheric pressure, and displays it on a large color LCD. A loud 102 dB horn with a flashing red LED warning light activates if a vacuum loss or leakage occurs, until a sufficient increase in vacuum is achieved.

The ANVER VLS-09 Vacuum Leakage Sensor’s new power management logic operates directly and independently from 3 power sources; a primary rechargeable Onboard Battery Bank (OBB), secondary replaceable 9V Battery Back-Up (BBU) lithium or optional AC charger (part no. WS12DC), which provides a fast, two‑hour recharge of the OBB battery. The improved LCD display features color segmented battery-level indicators for the onboard batteries, selectable units in kPa or inHg, and large digits for highly visible output. An optional VLS-AUX auxiliary alarm is available, for use in noisy environments or where the lifter is a distance from the operator.

ANVER designed the VLS-09 with a rechargeable battery and better power management for longer uptime, improving productivity and maximizing profitability. Safety is the utmost concern at ANVER and the VLS is a major part of the features built into our lifting systems to ensure they can be used safely and reliably, while protecting the integrity of the products they are conveying. Retrofit kits are available to upgrade to the new VLS-09’s.