In this month’s Industry Perspective, Joey Marcella writes about when attending a trade show, workshop or other industry event, you should walk away with a “couple of good ‘nuggets’ of information.” I couldn’t agree more. We are fortunate that the stone industry does offer so many educational events for us to obtain more knowledge on a host of things pertaining to our industry, but it can also be overwhelming – especially to a fabricator or other industry member starting out. By telling yourself to take away only two or three pieces of information that you can start applying in your daily work routine, it seems more manageable and less overwhelming.

What matters most is that we are still opening ourselves up to learning – whether from our peers or an expert in the field. It doesn’t necessarily matter how much we absorb each time, as long as we are benefitting a little each time we attend an educational session or walk a trade show floor and talk to exhibitors.

Next month will be my 23rd anniversary with Stone World. Time certainly flies by. I have been covering the stone industry for quite some time, but I am happy to say that every time I attend a show, other event or even visit a fabrication shop, I always leave with a new “nugget” or two of information.

Educating ourselves is important to maintaining success in what we do. Last month we talked about how much technology continually evolves and how new developments can benefit a business. It might be overwhelming to some – both in keeping up with all the latest equipment and software on the market, as well as the financial aspect. If you only have so much in your budget, how should you prioritize what to purchase? Talking to others who have experienced what you have can help. As an industry publication, I hope Stone World is also a source of information. We focus on a different topic in each issue as a way to break things down and concentrate on a particular aspect of the industry each time. Through articles, product roundups and sometimes Q&As, our intention is to provide a well-rounded overview of the most recent developments and introductions in the industry to inform and educate our readers.

We also gather our information while on the road. The beginning of the summer has been more of a quiet time spent in the office, but next week I will be heading to Virginia Beach to attend one of the Stone Industry Education workshops that we organize with the Natural Stone Institute. The week after I will attend an Open House hosted by CMS North America. Of course by now, I am back from both trips so look for a report of each online at, as well as our social media platforms. And soon I will be flying to Knoxville, TN, to be a part of the Natural Stone Institute’s 2019 Study Tour. While there, I will have the opportunity to visit many stone industry companies in the area. I will be sure to share all I have learned once I return. In the meantime, I hope everyone enjoys the rest of their summer and I look forward to seeing you at an upcoming industry event soon!