Guidoni Group, the largest exporter of ornamental stones in Brazil and a global reference in the sector, was the Latin American representative at Stone Infinite, an exhibition that aims to be a global showcase of design pieces elaborated in natural stones, highlighting all the versatility, beauty and exuberance of these raw materials. The exhibition was held during the Xiamen Stone Fair 2019, the main segment fair in Asia, which took place from March 6 to 9 in Xiamen, China.

The company was one of a select list of companies associated with the stone and derivatives industry and was the only company in Latin America to participate in the event, curated by the English journalist Peter Becker, editor-in-chief of Stone Ideas, a sector reference publishing. For the event, Guidoni has joined with the São Paulo designer Fernando Jaeger to recreate an iconic piece of the professional: the Mesa Lateral Petra. Where before there was the presence of wood - a characteristic feature of Jaeger's creations - now the tops show the exuberance, beauty and remarkable personality of the natural surfaces typical of Brazil: the Black Taurus and Black Fusion granites and the Mykonos quartzite.

The result is the emergence of three new models: in one of them, the larger base brings the touch of the naturally sculpted dramatic design of the Black Taurus - with large golden and beige veins that contrast to the background in an ebony tone - in composition with the smaller base in Mykonos, with pearly white background and veins in earthy tones that create an imposing beauty and a more modern and cosmopolitan mood; another version harmonizes Mykonos with Black Fusion, which features a remarkable flow of golden veins that stand out against the intense black background, in an elegant and sophisticated transition; and, finally, a Petra also composed by Black Fusion and Mykonos, but with tops chromatically inverted.

Thus, the new Mesa Petra emphasizes the proposal of the creations of the designer: pieces that cross the time and don't attach to trends or styles, opening space for each person to list their preferences and leave the house with their own way of being. And to achieve this goal, it is indispensable to have a beautiful design, the best raw material and a beautiful execution - and the partnership between Jaeger and Guidoni culminates in a perfect balance between the company's expertise and the excellence of the designer's trait, resulting in a 100% Brazilian piece.

“At Guidoni, we see rocks from a bias that goes beyond the kitchen counter: the raw material that in itself represents a lot about what one wants to do to last for generations, it is also the greatest expression of art in nature and, in the hands of the creative ones, it comes in its best form," explains Verônica Petrópolis, marketing manager of Guidoni Group. "And so we believe that partnerships and initiatives with designers of different styles elevate the ornamental stone to the high design standard, valuing the attributes of each material to the status of nature's real masterpiece. For 2019, we will have other actions involving pieces and installations in addition to this with Fernando Jaeger.