TEMPLE, TX (December 10, 2018) – Black and white is a timeless design trend that delivers a powerful, visual contrast. From the ebony and ivory keys of a piano, to the stark brilliance of a full moon set against the blackest of nights, black and white have defined countless products and even our everyday experiences. Think jet black tuxedos and limousines that evoke a sense of sophistication and power, or the purity and excitement of new beginnings embodied by a classic white wedding dress. Black and white are even embedded into our culture with familiar phrases such as a black cloud hanging over our heads or a knight in shining armor riding on a white horse to our rescue.

Photographers, designers, architects and visual artists everywhere have long turned to this yin and yang of colors to capture the dark and bright side of design. The Black and White Collection from Wilsonart goes beyond the alpha and omega of colors by enhancing them with diverse designs, styles, scales and materials. Available through Wilsonart’s Virtual Design Library (VDL), 18 new laminate patterns become the latest additions to the company’s online boutique design collection.

“Black and white, together or separately, communicate so powerfully,” said Andrea Flint, senior product designer at Wilsonart. “Our new designs expand that communication further by adding nuanced colors such as monochromatic greys, a whitewashed brick wall pattern and art deco-inspired black and gold combinations. The result is a stunning assortment that speaks to balance and boldness.”

From large-scale designs inspired by the unique features found in Eucalyptus wood to abstracts made up of bold, multi-colored triangles, the Black and White Collection offers countless options to create a timeless mixology story. “Wilsonart is committed to offering designers the choices they want and the speed-to-market they need,” Flint observed. “This Collection is an important addition to our Virtual Design Library, which grows each day as an important resource for
architects and designers.” The 18 new patterns in the Black and White Collection can be viewed in the Wilsonart ® Visualizer and feature:

Charcoal Eucalyptus is a warm, dark grey planked wood look. This large-scale design has the unique features found in Eucalyptus wood.

Silver Eucalyptus is a large-scale wood design in a pale grey color. This design offers planking and unique features found in Eucalyptus wood.

Vintage Houndstooth is a large-scale design made up of warm whites and greys that play beautifully together. The grey houndstooth design is overlaid on top of a wood look and both have been worn through time.

Charcoal Tri is a small-scale abstract design made up of bold multi-colored triangles. This monochromatic design can add visual texture and a graphic pop.

Golden Nero is a large-scale marble. This black stone design has large golden linear fractures throughout.

Marble Fog is an abstracted linear marble in monochromatic greys. This medium-scale design features thin planks.

Snow Geo is a warm whitewashed wood design with an overlaid geometric pattern. This large- scale pattern has subtle planking.

Dove Geo is a large-scale woodgrain design in a warm light grey. The design features subtle planking and an overlaid geometric pattern.

Classic Marbleized is a large-scale monochromatic black and white design. The graphic pattern is full of movement from the marbleizing process.

Big Plaid is a large-scale abstracted plaid design. The pattern is monochromatic black and white with a textile texture in plaid.

Greige Ash is a wood design in a warm medium grey color with black graining. This large-scale design is an ash species.

Mocha Ash is a large-scale pattern from the ash species. The wood design features a rich medium brown with black graining.

Whitewashed Brick is a large-scale brick wall design with bits of red brick showing through.

Whitewashed Brick (Landscape) is a large-scale brick wall design with bits of red brick showing through in a cross-directional layout.

Loft Door captures the spirit of an old industrial door full of history. This medium-scaled design is a very light grey with hints of dark grey and gold scratches throughout the pattern.

Deco Charcoal is an art deco-inspired pattern with a metal look in a classic black and gold color combination.

Deco Blanco is a taupe-colored large-scale design. The art deco-inspired design features a bronze metallic-looking pattern over the design.

Honed Concrete is a light grey concrete-inspired pattern. This medium-scale pattern features trowel texture throughout.

These new engineered surface materials are applicable to residential, healthcare, retail, hospitality and education interiors.