TheSize, manufacturer of the sintered stone brand Neolith, has announced its participation at STONEX Canada, Canada’s first dedicated event and educational program to stone, terrazzo, ceramic and tile industries. In booth 3710, Neolith will be previewing its latest product introductions at the Metro Toronto Convention Center taking place from November 28-30.

“We look forward to giving our North American customers and prospects an exclusive look at Neolith’s latest product line at one of the most esteemed architecture and design expos in the world,” said Mar Esteve, director of marketing. “Following three live-testing sessions with architects and specifiers from key markets around the globe, we have introduced a new color range with unique design preferences resembling stone, timber, concrete, metal and terrazzo in both looks and texture. Exhibiting at this event presents a premier opportunity for some of the world’s top design professionals to draw inspiration and knowledge with Neolith’s never-before-seen 2019 collection and the overall versatility of our surfacing material.”

Neolith’s STONEX booth will feature a contemporary theme centered on unique furniture and design applications, including a winery bar, fireplace, bench seating and much more. Attendees will have an opportunity to preview sample sizes of the new designs on display including:

·       New York-New York: Inspired by the contagious energy of the big city, the surface showcases characteristic gray tones that give a modern and urban style to all applications.

·       Mar del Plata: This stylish and wavy model incorporates sinuous white quartz bands on a gray background by using a special technique that gives texture to the veins.

·       Mont Blanc: A tribute to white quartzite, this model pays homage to the French Alps with its captivating neutral tone combined with a broken white background behind subtle black, ocher and rust-colored streaks.

·       Sofía Iron: Characterized a more worn look and feel, the surface will be presented with two unique finishes: “copper” and “moss.”

A pioneer in the sintered stone surfacing product category, Neolith has sparked a growing trend in thin slab surfaces for virtually any commercial or residential space, from flooring and countertops to furniture and facades. The slabs, which are made from 100 percent natural raw materials, combine the aesthetics of stone, wood and metals with increased durability and less maintenance than natural counterparts thanks to a revolutionary development process. The resulting material is one of the most resilient surfaces on the market, unfazed by continuous use, scratching, extreme heat or cold, moisture and harsh chemicals.

With the new introductions, Neolith now offers over 60 different designs across its seven collections—in multiple finishes and thicknesses—providing specifiers with a broader range of design possibilities.

Neolith products are available in the U.S. and worldwide through a large network of distributors. For a location near you or to learn more, visit