TheSize, manufacturer of sintered stone brand Neolith, has announced its fourth annual international design competition. This global competition consists of three submission categories, My Neolith Project, Neolith New Talents, and Top Fabricator of the year, and is open until Nov. 13.

“My Neolith Project” targets design professionals that have recently developed a major hospitality project incorporating Neolith in multiple applications, such as façades, flooring, cladding, kitchens, bathrooms, furniture, and swimming pools. To be eligible, the project must have been completed between 2013-2017.

This year’s “Neolith New Talents” is targeting architecture and interior design students enrolled in at least one class from 2016-2018. Neolith is challenging participants to design a hotel and its different spaces, including façade, reception, and a complete en suite bathroom. To show the versatility of Neolith sintered stone, the product must be integrated in at least two different applications in each room, such as flooring, cladding, exterior façade, furniture, or worktops.

The Top Fabricator of the Year category recognizes the most meticulous and labor-intensive projects made by fabricators with Neolith slabs.

For each category, a team of industry judges will focus on the proposal’s originality, presentation creativity, technical complexity, variety of Neolith applications, quality before-and-after images, and the degree of environmental sensitivity in the project. Prizes include an all-inclusive trip to a prominent industry trade show. Winners will be announced on Dec. 20.

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