VERONA, ITALY – Prodim is gearing up for Marmomac, which will be held from September 26 to 29 in Verona, Italy. The manufacturer of digital templating systems recently introduced Proliner Generation 4X, and its Prodim Factory is getting a new release with improvements and new functionalities. The flow from templating through to the factory is better than ever, giving customers the smoothest running operation on the planet, according to the company, who encourages those attending Marmomac to stop by to watch a live demonstration in Hall 5, Stand F6.

Dedicated templating apps for increased efficiency and accurate results

Operators can now start a project measurement by selecting a dedicated app on the Proliner. Proliner measurement settings and available functionalities are already tuned for the job at hand, which simplifies the measuring process and ensures accurate results. For the stone industry, Prodim developed application-based apps for measuring countertops, backsplashes, stairs and physical templates.

Improved connectivity: on-site file transfer via Bluetooth

Prodim added another means to send Proliner measurement files from a location to the factory and save valuable time. Operators can now use the Proliner File Transfer mobile app to transfer files from the Proliner to an Android device via Bluetooth. The app generates an export containing all project measurement files, which can be send onwards to the factory.

Drawing, checking and editing made easy

Proliner measurement files (*.PRL8) can now also be directly opened in Factory Draw, Prodim’s easy-to-use CAD drawing tool. Factory Draw further extends the functionalities of the Proliner software for drawing, checking and editing digital templates. Furthermore, the Factory software ads new CAD functions and usability has been improved with the automatic display of relevant instructions and dimensioning information. Operators learn the software while using it.

Extended project information: Add text labels and project photos

From now on, it is also possible to add text labels to cut-outs, profiles and other library items. Text labels can be used to add extra processing information to a project report. Project photos can now also be added on-site by using the Proliner File Transfer mobile app or at the factory using Prodim Factory software.

Dedicated DXF-output formats for CNC machinery

For production, it is now also possible to apply customized CNC machinery presets of DXF-output formats to export files. Operators can easily apply these presets using the Proliner’s and Prodim Factory’s export functionalities.