Lapitec Urban slabs, specifically created for large outdoor areas, have been chosen for the new central office of the Bratislava shopping center at the Panorama Business II complex, overlooking the Danube River in Slovakia. In fact, the sintered stone facade in the “Casablanca” shade and “Urban” finish adds a touch of elegance and purity to this corner of the Slovakian business district. With their extreme versatility and the adoption of a special installation system, the slabs are ideal for intensive use on continuous and ventilated facades. The windows have also been framed with sintered stone, creating a bright, chromatic grid effect that enhances the lines of the building, adding a light and avant-garde aesthetic to the entire project.


Lapitec slabs in Casablanca with Urban finish
The Lapitec slabs are in the color “Casablanca” with an “Urban” finish.


Close to the historic center of Bratislava, the Slovak National Theatre and the Danube River, the Eurovea shopping center is a key landmark in an area of the city that is undergoing rapid and intensive development. The client asked Studio GFI to draw up an innovative project, with a design focused on environmental sustainability and the objective of creating a building that provides a high level of comfort, while at the same time optimizing consumption. For this reason, the architects opted for a large-format product for the facades, which not only guarantees a homogeneous aesthetic, but also maximum workability and a softer impact on the surrounding environment.


windows framed with sintered stone
The building’s windows are framed with sintered stone, forming a bright, chromatic, grid effect that emphasizes the lines of the building.


The architects at the Slovenian studio felt Lapitec was the best solution for their requirements, and the need for a completely resin-free material was also a key factor in the final decision. Furthermore, the material’s ability to preserve its aesthetic and technical characteristics over time, and the possibility of using large easy-to-clean slabs that are highly resistant to atmospheric agents, UV rays, freezing temperatures and urban aggressors, like smog or graffiti, made Lapitec the ideal external panel for the project. The central office was clad with 102, 12-mm-thick slabs that were cut with CNC machines and the final details were created using waterjet technology. The slabs were then installed using the SIKA system. The Lapitec slabs adapt perfectly to the metal structure of the facade — giving an extremely natural look to the entire complex.

Central Office of the Bratislava Shopping Center- Panorama Business II Complex


Architect: Studio GFI
Sintered Stone Manufacturer: Lapitec, Vedelago, Italy