Following the launch of the advertising project, "Laminam The ceramic countertop", Laminam's journey through the culinary world comes to life with 6 web pills that are scheduled to be presented throughout the course of 2018 (Directed by: Alessandra Stefani, Laminam Art Director).
The protagonist are the Laminam ceramic slabs in the 1620x3240mm size in 12mm thickness, to be used as the preferred material for kitchen countertops, as a valid alternative to materials with a higher cost and environmental impact such as marble and stone, owing to their outstanding properties.

An ideal surface for contact with food, Laminam slabs are perfect as a worktop, because they are resistant to heat and fire, oil, wine, lemon juice stains and scratching. In the kitchen, Laminam offers a hygienic, antibacterial chopping board on which you can prepare food directly, using knives, liquids, oils, wine and red-hot pots and pans. Stains present no problem either, because they can easily be removed with hot water, a sponge and a simple cleansing liquid. 
Laminam ceramic slab properties:  

Resistant to scratches and deep abrasion

Resistant to mildew and fungi

Resistant to stains

Resistant to chemicals

Resistant to UV rays

Intrinsic hygienic quality

Low maintenance and easy cleaning

Suitable for contact with food


Discover the first 3 dishes already online:

#1 Tagliatelle alla bolognese on Arabescato / I Naturali Arabescat

o 1620x3240x12mm

#2 Sea bass Tataki on Bianco Assoluto / Collection Bianco Assoluto


#3 Panzerotto on Ossido Nero / Ossido Nero 1620x3240x12mm