Carlsbad, CA – Oceanside Glass & Tile is excited and incredibly humbled to have received four Awards for Design Excellence (ADEX), including the prestigious Platinum Award for their island inspired colors. Nearly 600 companies participated in the 2017-18 ADEX Awards, the largest and most prestigious product design competition for furnishing and building materials marketed to the design and architecture trade. Since 1995, the ADEX Awards have recognized

products demonstrating superior innovation, function and aesthetics with a focus on sustainability. Oceanside Glass & Tile’s inclusion is a testament to their artisan heritage and commitment to ethical and sustainable manufacturing.

The newest colors to join the Oceanside Glass & Tile color palette, Kai, Nalu and Koa embody the serenity of Hawaii’s natural landscape and evoke a sense of peace and calm, transforming any space into a little piece of paradise. “When creating the new colors, we wanted to broaden the range of two complimentary spectrums, allowing for softer gradient transitions,” explains Cathy Aroz, merchandising designer. With anywhere from 66% - 97% total recycled content, it’s no wonder these island hues received ADEX’s highest accolade, the Platinum Award. One of the first awards to acknowledge sustainability, nearly 90% of the award entrants spotlight products or processes that benefit the environment. Oceanside Glass & Tile is proud to be a steward of the Earth and innovator in the green movement.

Inspired by the clean lines and nature-oriented designs of esteemed architects Frank Lloyd Wright and Henry Greene, the Repose pattern has everything it needs and nothing more. Direct and understated, when combined with creative colors and finishes, Repose brings horizontal balance to the room. As a recipient of an ADEX Gold Award, Oceanside Glass & Tile is equally humbled to be recognized for their innovation and aesthetics.

“Breaking the Grid” of typical squares and rectangles, Parallels is a strong, masculine mosaic. This rhythmic angular composition is the result of deconstructing geometric shapes like the hexagon, and then reassembling them into a pleasingly different take on linear patterns. Parallels is equally at home in the context of a modern farmhouse, mid-century or even Asian influenced architecture.

Textura, a new textured finish that can be applied with every iridescent color, is an aesthetic delight. A subtle texture brought alive by Oceanside Glass & Tile’s iconic iridescence creates a tile alive and dancing as light plays across the surface, while also durable enough for floor and wet applications. “I hope designers will explore how Textura can push their tried and true mosaics to a new level, offering a new perspective on surface treatment and a subtle shifting of color,” Johnny Marckx, owner and chief marketing officer. The ADEX Silver Award is a true honor as Oceanside Glass & Tile continues to push the boundaries on what can be dreamt in molten glass.

It’s been over 25 years since the original vision – creating tile in a new medium. The founders set out to show that there was more to the tile world than just ceramic, porcelain and stone; there was opportunity for gorgeous color, brilliant texture and even more importantly, soulful art. The vision has grown into something much larger, from a tile manufacturer to a purveyor of social responsibility and do-gooder of communities both near and far. Oceanside Glass & Tile continues to create a glass product with an eco-friendly footprint. Part artisan heritage, part hand-crafted personality – the result of which is a glass tile that smiles back at you from every surface it graces. Formulated and carefully honed to last a lifetime, Oceanside Glass & Tile is the original and enduring force in the glass tile industry.

2018 is going to be a momentous year for Oceanside Glass & Tile. Stay tuned for more sustainable, award winning designs!