Lewisville, Texas -- Caprock Hardscape Supply has unveiled a completely redesigned website. The website will offer customers a simple way to view the company’s products and supplied jobs as well as provide them with inspirational ideas for their own hardscape projects. Besides its visual appeal, the site is part of an effort to further connect Caprock with its customers and empower customers to start new projects.

The redesigned site is also mobile responsive, and will include features for consumers, such as a materials calculator, which will allow consumers to calculate how much hardscape material they will need for a project. The website will continue to be updated with photos and new products as they become available.

“This website will be a great resource for our DIY clients and those wanting to start a new project—you have the calculator that allows you to figure out how much material you need, as well as tons of photos that can help you visualize what the finished project will look like,” said Sarah Ratliff, marketing advisor for Caprock. “We want to connect with our customers, get to know them and help them as much as we can. We added a Google map and we have plenty of places on site to contact us or send a request for us to contact them. we want to put our customers first and we feel like this has helped further that goal.”

Gary Nazarenus, COO of Caprock, added, “We’re definitely giving this two thumbs up! We’re very excited for this new look and expect our customers to love it as well.”

For more information, visit caprockltd.com.