Enviro Distribution’s AireHaven 1000 personal motorized air purification mask features a built-in two-speed fan and three-stage filter that keeps the user cool and comfortable and protects them from harmful environmental risks. The lightweight AireHaven 1000 provides a continuous flow of fresh, filtered air and removes harmful particulates, carcinogens, dust, smoke and other dangerous pollutants in the air.

"The cooling fan means users won't have to sweat through their workdays, re-breathe their own exhaled air, or struggle with fogged up glasses,” said Louis Benny, co-founder of AireHaven.

The AH1000 3-tier filtration system filters out pollutants and fine particulate matter (PM 2.5), common viruses, smog, everyday pollen and other allergens. USB rechargeable, it delivers eight hours of use on low speed, and five and half hours of use on high speed after one hour of charging. Its multi-stage, high efficiency filters can be replaced, offering users a more eco-friendly and economical mask. Only about four ounces, the AireHaven 1000 mask is comfortable, made of medical level silicone and contains no metal parts. Compact yet stable, it provides a constant flow of fresh air with very low noise and vibration.

For more information, visit airehavenmask.com.