The American Concrete Institute (ACI) announced the formation of editorial boards to oversee the ACI Materials Journal and the ACI Structural Journal. Each editorial board will be composed of an editor-in-chief and four research expert members, and will focus on the mission of making and keeping ACI’s serial publications the premier place to publish for academic researchers in the field of concrete. Jason Weiss will serve as editor-in-chief of the ACI Materials Journal editorial board, with board members Zachary Grasley, Maria Juenger, Kamal Khayat, and Michael Thomas. Robert Frosch will serve as editor-in-chief of the ACI Structural Journal editorial board, with board members Catherine French, Michael Kreger, David Sanders, and James Wight.

The Boards’ initial projects include identifying new topics for commissions, special editions, and advising on the direction for the journals, making suggestions for both subject matter and potential authors; providing content by writing occasional editorials and other short articles; and overseeing journal quality.

"The formation of the editorial boards for the ACI Materials Journal and ACI Structural Journal will further support the advancement of concrete technology and concrete construction worldwide,” said Khaled Awad, president of ACI. “By selecting and publishing the most current research with the greatest impact on concrete design and construction, ACI editorial boards will provide access to professionals around the world to the latest information on concrete and its uses. I would like to take the opportunity to thank the world-renowned experts who accepted to serve on the Boards for their passion and dedication to support ACI in advancing concrete knowledge globally."

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