There is a fast growing tendency to look for information online. Since this ends up influencing consumer purchase decisions, it is becoming more and more of a priority for companies to have an online presence and, at the same time, to differentiate themselves from one another. With this in mind, Keraben Grupo recently launched a redesigned website.

The website aims to convey the values that define and differentiate the group, to highlight the benefits of ceramic tiles, and to offer support to both professionals and users.

The group's new website is based on three main premises: user friendliness; design; and content. During the website's design and development, priority was given to making sure that it is user friendly. Based on a spider's web design, everything on the website is interconnected so that users are able to find what they are looking for. Keraben’s redesigned website is also designed to highlight its contents and clearly convey the business group's key values.

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