Bostik continues its multi-faceted “Smart Adhesives” branding campaign, incorporating billboards located in strategic California high-traffic areas. Beginning in mid-August and continuing through September, over 5 million motorists will have clear access to see the advertisements for the firm’s hardwood flooring and tile and stone installation systems.

“Los Angeles and San Francisco are without question, two of the best locations within the U.S. to unleash a campaign such as this,” said Scott Banda, Bostik’s director of marketing and business development. “Both offer end-user demographics that strongly indicate potential consumer growth. We have top professional distribution throughout that entire region. And last, this is an ideal expansive location to continue our firm’s ongoing global branding process.”

In the last three years the company has campaigned to bolster its worldwide image. In Europe Bostik has been a regular sponsor of Tour de France and also has commercial Boeing 707 airliners clad entirely with its gecko logo. In the U.S., Bostik has hosted Signature Spaces Design Competitions, promoting mosaic and wood flooring designs for new constructions in Las Vegas. For this new outdoor advertising program, large digital billboards will showcase two Bostik messages, featuring a looping rotation of eight-second segments.

“We have even more promotional ideas up our sleeves,” said Banda. “This is just another one. Our business is growing nicely. One reason is because our innovative promotions are working. You’ll be seeing more creative and frankly, disruptive promotional activity from our company.”

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