Walker Zanger recently debuted Secolo Porcelain Slab countertops. Thinner than natural stone, porcelain has traditionally been offered as slabs 3-6 mm thick, which can be fragile. By increasing the thickness of the porcelain to 12 mm, Walker Zanger will offer slabs up to 126’x63’ to use as countertops. The new porcelain slabs emulate marble, cement, and wood—all with a polished finish—and come in 12 colorways, including Calacata Classic, Calacata Gold, Calacata Premio, Calacata Regent, Marron Glace and Statuary Pieta.

“Porcelain has significant advantages over quartz countertops, such as being nonporous and stain-proof, making it impervious to red wine, lemon juice, and other acids that are common culprits of staining natural stone,” said Jared Becker, Walker Zanger’s vice president of design and marketing. “Additionally, porcelain has the strength and durability for a home chef to cut food directly on the surface or even place hot cookware on the counter without damaging the material. With our new Secolo Porcelain Slabs, we have been able to expand the category of countertops by utilizing advanced Italian glazing technology to recreate the luxurious look of stone on porcelain.”

For more information, visit www.walkerzanger.com.