Attention-grabbing textures, bold shapes, and contemporary colors headline the latest collections launch from Daltile. Unveiling 13 new collections, these lines provide customers with a variety of offerings for interior spaces.

“This year we are seeing warmth and texture taking over the surfaces industry,” said Kim Albrecht, senior brand marketing manager for Daltile. “Modernization of classic styles is adding a fresh twist, and the extension of tile to new areas, such as walls and outdoor spaces, is reinvigorating the category. Our latest collections tap into these trends, providing a variety of options to fit any design aesthetic.”

Emulating the look of textiles, the Fabric Art collection features three patterns (Modern Textile, Modern Linear and Modern Kaleidoscope) that can stand alone or pair together in six colors (White, Beige, Taupe, Medium Gray, Dark Gray and Midnight Blue) and four accent blends (Natural Prism, White Ash Prism, Ashen Steel Prism, Midnight Steel Prism). It is available in two floor sizes (24”x24” and 12”x24”) and a 1”x3” straight-joint mosaic. Inspired by the American Industrial era, Ironcraft resembles bare concrete, brushed and burnished with oxidized metals. Ironcraft is available in five metallic colors (Rusted Bronze, Sable Black, Casper Grey, Charcoal Grey and Phosphor White) and three sizes, polished or unpolished 12”x24”, 24”x24” and unpolished 2”x 2” mosaic.

Mixing unpolished textures with subtle flecks to create dimension, Modernist is influenced by mid-century terrazzo. Modernist comes in a large format 24”x24” rectified floor tile and coordinating 3”x24” bullnose in five color tones (Bertoia White, Pearsall Grey, Soriano Clay, Prouvé Steel and Knoll Charcoal). Crisp and clean, the Anchorage collection pays homage to modern minimalism. Available in both polished and unpolished finishes, Anchorage comes in seven natural hues (White, Beige, Light Grey, Medium Grey, Dark Grey, Brown and Black) and three sizes: 12”x12”, 12”x24”, and 24”x24”.

Part of the Stone Attaché line, Delegate and Diplomacy capture the look of natural stone using digital printing. Available in four shades (Off White, Light Grey, Dark Grey and Black), Delegate comes in two tile sizes (12”x24” and 24”x24”) and a 20”x40” tile paver in 2cm thickness suitable for exterior applications, as well as a random linear mosaic or 3D brick-joint mosaic. Diplomacy is available in three shades (Light Grey, Medium Grey and Dark Grey) and three floor sizes (24”x48”, 24”x24” and 12”x24”) as well as 24”x24” 2cm thick pavers as a brick-joint mosaic. The Reminiscent floor collection offers an updated approach to smooth cement and stone visuals, and features StepWise slip-resistant technology, great for high-traffic, indoor and exterior installations. Reminiscent comes in four natural colors (Memento White, Aged Beige, Souvenir Gray and Reclaimed Gray) and three sizes (12”x24” and 12”x12” floor tiles and a 2”x2” mosaic).

The new launch also includes six mosaic collections. Amity, a glass wall tile and mosaic, nods to vintage aesthetic with modern, monochromatic colors. In five colors (White, Taupe, Grey, Beige and Brown), Amity is available in a 3”x6” wall tile or random linear mosaic. Idyllic Blends provides a bold accent, using geometric shapes and combining cool undertones and warm shades. Idyllic Blends comes in four mixed-shade color blends (Tranquil Snow, Serene Storm, Sylvan Sunset and Rustic Eve) and in a random linear or 2” hexagon mosaic. Inspired by stained glass, Regal Pendant uses glass and natural stone as well as alternating frosted and metallic finishes. The unique 1-1/2” x 4” trapezoid shape mosaic is available in six color blends, Czarina Ice, Contessa Charm, Aurelian Empress, Duchess Gold, Pharaoh Onyx, and Baroness Bijou.

Lucent Skies captures the sky’s ever-changing movements and colors to create an eye-catching stacked mosaic. The 3/8” x 4” mosaic is available in five color blends, Celestial Winter, Sunlit Dawn, Nightfall Luster, Twilight Gleam, and Crimson Dusk. The blend of lustrous brushed metals and deep natural stone creates the modern, yet serene aesthetic in Infinite Mirage. The 1”x4” hexagon mosaic is available in four color blends, Timeless Illusion, Eternal Dream, Endless Reverie, and Forever Aura. The Vintage Hex collection reinvigorates antique style for the 21st century, using limestone print and textural depth. The 1-1/2” hexagon mosaic is available in five colors, Antique Beige, Wisdom White, Artifact Gray, Relic Umber, and Legacy Sepia.

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