The Artisan Group celebrated its 10-year anniversary with the largest turnout of members and exhibitors for its fifth Annual Artisan Group Meeting and Industry showcase in Austin, Texas. The show featured exhibitors such as: Braxton-Bragg, Comandulli, Weha, Marmo Meccanica, Intermac, SASSO, Regent Stone, Granquartz, GMA Garnet, Augusta Surfaces and Affinipay. The group meeting also included a presentation by Casey Brown, owner of precision pricing, a firm that helps companies improve profits through better pricing.

“It has been amazing to see how the industry has responded to our annual showcase and has helped us to grow this networking event,” says Chad Seiders, executive director of Artisan Group. “This year we doubled the number of exhibitors, met with some prospective members, solidified plans for the remainder of this year and 2018, and had a great best practices meeting with Jon Lancto, MIA president, and Artisan Best Practices facilitator.”

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