Blanco, a German manufacturer of finely crafted sinks and faucets, has introduced its innovative dual-mount Liven laundry sink — a worthy addition to any design-inspired laundry room. Liven comes in eight trending Silgranit colors with a deep functional bowl that resists heat, stains and chips. The Liven sink is made of Blanco’s patented Silgranit material and features a generous radius on each of its corners, making it as easy to clean as it is durable. This innovative sink measures 25 x 22 inches, making it an appropriate size for compact laundry areas. It also features an extra-deep 12-inch bowl, perfect for soaking, and a space-saving basket designed to fit on top of the sink.

The Liven will be sold in all eight Silgranit colors and offers an on-trend rectangular shape. Additionally, with multi-purpose installation, the dual-mount sink can be installed under or over a countertop for added convenience.