For 43 years, the Bon Tool Co.'s business has been in the manufacture and sale of construction hand tools for the trowel trades and decorative concrete products. The product line has increased, and the company has released its 2001 Full Line Catalog with more than 400 additional products. Tools for masonry, general construction, concrete, floor covering, drywall/EIFS, Bondura toolbags and jobwear, and Bon Way decorative concrete products can be found in the catalog. Some new masonry products in the catalog are short-handled hoes, paver installation tools and splitters. For general construction, selections of safety glasses, construction bars, sledge hammers, and laser levels are now available. Tile screeds, cutters and saws as well as laminate rollers and floor strippers are now listed in the floor covering section. From nylon knee pads to pole sanders, the new 145-page Bon Tool Co. catalog also ensures its readers fast and accurate shipping, competitive pricing and an unconditional guarantee against defects in materials and workmanship.