OBERLIN, OH and CHESTERTOWN, NY -- Kathy Spanier, director of marketing for Coldspring in Cold Spring, MN, is the recipient of the 2016 MIA+BSI Person of the Year Award. Spanier received the award at the MIA+BSI Awards luncheon at TISE (The International Surface Event) in January.

With over 35 years of marketing experience, Spanier has spent the past decade advocating for advancing leadership and sustainability within the natural stone industry. She serves as chair of the Natural Stone Council’s committee on sustainability and has been a driving force in having NSC 373 recognized by the Living Building Challenge, the U.S. Green Building Council and other regulatory groups. She has been a member of the BSI board of directors since 2013 and currently serves on the joint MIA+BSI board.

Spanier also serves on the steering committee for MIA+BSI’s Women in Stone initiative. She has been active in launching the Women in Stone mentorship program, which pairs industry veterans with newcomers, providing an important opportunity to build relationships and learn about the industry.

“Kathy has been an instrumental leader in helping the entire natural stone industry improve its environmental performance through countless hours of advocacy, education, standards review and general leadership,” commented Jason F. McLennan, founder of the International Living Future Institute.

Moe Bohrer, former chair of the Natural Stone Council, agrees. “The natural stone industry is a male-dominated industry,” he said. “Kathy has overcome numerous obstacles as she has worked tirelessly in promoting sustainability. As a result, she is now recognized throughout the industry as the ‘go-to person’ regarding sustainability and NSC 373.”