The Pro-Lift Automatic by Omni Cubed provides a safer means of stone transportation and installation. It is designed to reduce physical strain and risk of injury, while increasing efficiency and productivity around the shop and install site. The Pro-Lift can accommodate any size or shape of countertop up to 1,000 pounds. The automated lift feature raises stone up to 45 inches from the ground, and enables controlled tilting for easier less hazardous installations. The cart has a sturdy aluminum frame, yet only weighs 74 pounds for convenient transport and storage. The Pro-Lift is controlled via wireless remote and powered by a standard 28V rechargeable tool battery. Additional safety features include an integrated level, stone clamp and kick-brake. The cart features durable, shock-absorbing, non-marking, flat-free tires. The engineers at Omni Cubed crafted every aspect of this cart with safety, ease and user experience in mind.