The TX-4 wet cutting tile saw is the latest in the line of tile cutting saws to be introduced by MK Diamond Products. The TX-4 features an innovative bellow system that shields the guide bar and bearing from dust and liquids, making it maintenance free and eliminating the need for regular lubrication. The water distribution system provides a controllable even flow to both sides of the blade. There is a detachable rear tray for water containment and a detachable side water tray that slides with the table. The easy-to-remove water tray makes clean up a snap.

The large, aluminum, cutting table has a non-slip rubber surface to hold materials. The side extension table allows greater support of larger materials during cutting. The depth of cut is 3 ½ inches and at 45 degrees is 2 3/inches. It will diagonally cut 18-inch materials and has a length of cut of 24 inches. The blade RPM is 3,500 with a 10-inch blade capacity and a 1-inch arbor.

The built-in fully adjustable cutting head allows for miters at 22 ½- and 45-degree angles. The cutting head is designed for plunge cutting and use of blades smaller than 10 inches in diameter. The hinged blade guard allows for easy blade changes and maintenance inspection.

TX-4 features an 115V/60Hz motor with 1 ¾ HP. The air flow module is a specially designed housing that protects the high torque motor from cutting debris and moisture — it circulates the air to keep the motor cool. There is also an internal air filter to extend the life of the motor.

Included with the TX-4 is a 10-inch wet cutting continuous rim diamond blade, submersible water pump, rip guide with protractor, side table, water nozzles, side and rear water trays and a one-year limited warranty.