BLOOMINGTON, IN -- A detailed installation guide for Indiana Limestone Company's (ILCO ) thin veneer product is the latest addition to the helpful "Resources for Architects" section of the ILCO website,

The installation guide is a 12-page document, with material on codes and standards, systems overview, wall components, installation, design considerations, guarantees and contact information. It's a useful tool not only to installers but to anyone involved in specifying and designing buildings clad with thin veneer limestone.

 "Resources for Architects" is an ever-evolving library featuring many documents of direct value to the building design and construction industries. Among the titles now offered are the ILCO product guide, installation detail drawings, the Indiana Limestone Institute's handbook and technical notes, a how-to specify cut limestone PDF and many additional building/technical guides on veneers, finished goods and landscape materials.

The company will continue to add new technical guides to the section in the months ahead.

 "This is just one way that we support the architecture and design community," said Duffe Elkins, ILCO's chief operating officer. "Thin veneer continues to be strong on a national basis for Indiana Limestone, featured in major projects across North America. We're always available to respond to technical queries about specific issues and projects, and our lunch & learn sessions for architecture firms contribute to the continuing education that's so important to design professionals."