For this issue of Contemporary Stone & Tile Design, we bring you our annual focus on Kitchen & Bath Design. The majority of projects we included cover residential kitchens and bathrooms that use stone, tile and quartz in unique ways. We also feature two other slightly different projects, one focusing on local companies coming together to help improve a kitchen at a Respite Center, the center is part of a non-profit organization that provides 24-hour care and is a safe place for families in a crisis, and another in which a quarry built an outdoor kitchen to give their customers inspiration for future projects.

Personally, I have always enjoyed the Kitchen & Bath Design articles we put together for this magazine. However, this issue in particular I am extremely excited to share with you all. While flipping through the stories and gorgeous photos, it’s fascinating to see how designers are using three or more different materials in one area. They have created one-of-a-kind bathrooms and kitchens that we think will inspire you as well.

This issue also showcases the first time I have seen 6-cm-thick Calacatta Extra white marble used in a project. It was interesting to learn the safety requirements for moving and installing such a large and heavy piece of marble.

We also feature the use of quartz, as it continues to grow in popularity. While I have seen quartz used to create some exciting and vivid colors, it seems that quartz continues the trend of mimicking natural stone. It will be interesting to see what direction quartz goes, if it continues the natural stone look or goes more toward the electric colors.

On page 48 we feature just a few different quartz products that are available. It not only features the ever popular white marble look, but the showcase features quartz in other neutral colors.

Lastly, on page 14 we feature the 2016 Cevisama Product Gallery. The gallery features stone from the show held in Valencia, Spain, from February 1 to 5, 2016. The show attracted nearly one of its largest crowds to date.

We hope that from this issue of Contemporary Stone & Tile Design you gain inspiration for any future kitchen and bath that you may encounter.