I know what you’re thinking, “That picture isn’t of Jennifer Richinelli.” As you may, or may not, know I am the managing editor here at Stone World magazine, Jason Kamery. Jenn was hoping to write this letter but unfortunately has been sick recently and unable to write. Don’t worry, by the time you read this she will be back in action and you will all be able to see her in Chicago for Coverings. By the way, you can read our preview for the 2016 edition of Coverings on page 82.

Last year when Stone World covered CNC machines, we took the perspective of the fabricator, having them share their experiences and hesitations about making the investment in the machines. This year when Jenn and I were planning the article, we decided to take a slightly different approach and talk to the CNC manufacturers. We thought it would be important for fabricators to see what the CNC manufacturers are saying about their own equipment, their opinion of the future of the CNC machine and their own observations from working with fabricators around the country. You can read more about it on page 58.

Recently, we have all been extremely busy; traveling all over the world to see as many shows as possible. Personally, I went with our publisher Dave Madonia to Xiamen, China, to see the Xiamen Stone Fair. While we will cover it in future issues of Stone World all I’ll say for now is that I was blown away by the sheer size of the show. I don’t think I have ever seen a show so big in my life. Jenn recently went to Vitoria, Brazil, for the Vitoria Stone Fair. On page 100 of this issue, she covers in detail how companies from all around the world promote the use of natural stone.

As the first quarter of the calendar year comes to a close, we are excited and interested to learn what fabricators are dealing with this year, both positive and negative, in their day-by-day business. Whether it’s seeing us in Chicago or sending us an email, let us know how your business is doing and how you continue to strive to improve.