The Tower combines all the solutions developed by Omag throughout its extended experience in leading-edge technology machines, which allow the machine to have a maximum rigidity and “limitless” movement capability. Tower, despite moving in a robot-like manner, features a torsional rigidity that is 50% higher than traditional anthropomorphic systems.

Tower means no limits to any range of machining, according to Omag. It is designed and built so that it can be equipped and customized in order to perform any machining typical of smaller or bigger workshops.

The available size range makes it possible for customers to make the best possible choice for their specific machining needs, thus ensuring a perfectly targeted purchase. Nonetheless, the precision engineering also allows three-dimensional machining, low reliefs, inlays, kitchen countertops, arches, capitals and sculptural columns.

The 7-axis machine moves on — combined with the 7 axis being the rotation of the working plane — allowing every surface of the workpiece to be machined with no limits to the undercut.